Stormy weather, clean power

Hydro plant as seen from the roof of Charlie’s Soap factory. It’s behind Norfolk Southern railroad tracks and Mayo River.

Wind and rain and damage all up the East Coast.  This winter’s late February storm came on schedule and really tore things up everywhere east of us in the Piedmont of North Carolina

The boys and Jane and I met for supper on Wednesday nights before choir practice, but this time all the power was out in the shopping center just between Madison and Mayodan and Tiano’s was dark. Tiano’s has really great Italian food.  We had to find somewhere else to eat.

As we left the dark shopping center, we could see the lights were still on a little bit north where our little soap plant resides.

How? The little 120-year-old hydroelectric generator behind our factory was churning away.  It is powered by the same water source as our cleaners through a turbine made in the 1890s.  It kept our little world running when all the fancy new power lines were useless because of our bit of the ice storm.

Given the fact that it is right behind us and we are the first on its distribution list, that makes us almost totally powered with renewable hydroelectric electricity.

Just one more reason to buy Earth-friendly Charlie’s Soap, eh?

–Charlie Sutherland